[Manehatten - MoM Hub]

Awkward rides are the best kind!

Everypony knows that!

Our group of heroes will be free to clamber onto the elevator! Though it will only respond to Sprinkles hitting the button that will take them to the roof for whatever odd reason.

Elevator music begins to play as the doors slide shut behind our heroes.

[Manehatten - Toward Stable 29]

Swiss slouches a bit at that reply and gives a little huff. Though as Down's attention turns to the other ponies a rather mischievous smile stretches over her face.

"Nnnope," Corn replies with a shake of his head. "Most of 'em have gone feral over the years. Few ghouls here and there with their minds left. Miss Ditzy Doo is probably the most famous. Pegasus that survived Cloudsdale gettin' blown to Tartarus. Wrote the Wasteland Survival Guide. Think she lives over in New Appleloosa?"

That gets a nod from Rye.

And then?

Down might be surprised to hear her own voice coming from behind her. "My friends are always telling me not to announce that I'm the spy to everypony."

Should she turn in her flight she'll find her perfect mirror, armor and all, flying along behind her. "But I've found it really helps when nopony takes me seriously."

Rye rolls her eyes, glaring back at the mock-pegasus. "Swiss, quit screwing around. Should you really even be letting her know that you can do that?"

There comes a sound of a raspberry being blown from behind Not-Down's mask. "She's helping us find Sour. And since she's helping us find Sour I may as well let her know about my signature spell instead of surprising her with it later, right? I think we should trust her."

Geeze. She's even seems to have Down's mannerisms and body-language mimicked. With a bit of personal information Swiss could probably impersonate Down flawlessly.