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If your Fighter archetype is only as deep as "dude with a sword" I'd have to say it meets the archetype nicely.

Except in this case it's more of "Sword with a dude" because the Sword is providing the majority of the power. Shiny equipment is nice, but unless it is the main focus of the class, should not overshadow your class features.

Like I could get behind an Artificer class as Iron Man, that builds his own hyper-powerful and even intelligent magic items. It's a cool concept, and has a lot of potential. I can't get behind the idea of instead of having a guy create his own items, he is expected to buy them or find them randomly, and still have those items be his defining feature. It's the difference between Iron Man and War Machine. Iron Man is a hero, War Machine is just a sidekick. A PC class should not be the sidekick.