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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscipleofBob View Post
    She's either crazy or crazy and bi.
    You say it as if it's a bad thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by MCerberus View Post
    Tannis is an odd one, but that's her role. You feel kind of bad for her when she has a moment of lucidity. Her entire personality is the shattered remains of what she was built up to prevent her from dropping into the ranks of the murdering psychos.

    Yah, Borderlands 2 is pretty depressing right under the surface.
    She's also said in one quest introduction that she has Asperger's. While I don't agree with this statement (if she's on the spectrum, it's clearly one of the most extreme cases of autism I've ever seen portrayed anywhere).

    On another note, I'm one of those guys who loves a good laugh. But I'm also one of those guys of which it's incredibly hard to make laugh. When I heard Handsome Jack say "hey buddy, how's it going? -Ah, these pretzels suck", I think I may have lost it. That deadpan delivery was absolutely genius.

    Also, I hit level 50 last night. I also killed Terramorphous, and the two guys I was playing with took all the good loot. Luckily, one of them saved the Siren Slayer of Terramorphous mod for me. So that was nice. Time to start my Gunzerker playthrough.

    P.S., the Warrior isn't that hard on TVH mode. Neither is Terramorphous.
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