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Thread: What do you think a Fighter should be?

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    Default Re: What do you think a Fighter should be?

    I just think you shouldn't need to specialize in one type of polearm if you're character's class is guy who fights with melee weapons. Especially when we compare that to a guy who's class is magic powers and animal shape and animal companions and ...

    Or how about "I can cast illusions and compulsions, and am good at stealth and social skills."

    Compare those to "I can pick one trick and specialize with that to an absurd degree. It becomes my only trick, and if my enemy is immune to it for some reason (trip master vs ooze?) I am worthless"

    My argument is the opposite of yours. You feel the Fighter is too generic? I think it is too specialized. Why shouldn't you be able to trip, sunder, disarm, charge, push and strategize? That doesn't sound like more than one class to me.

    The dumb fighter is a Barbarian. Roy is a Fighter.

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    Of course in real life it is different to use a sword than use an axe. But that's like saying my necromancer should only be able to use animate dead.
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