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Fleetwing found himself stumbling over his own tongue. "I...I guess I can't. I suppose I was heading wherever there wasn't an angry mob out to get me, figure out where I could head next. Seeing how good my last lead turned out and all." If somepony could explain to him how the filly without a memory was somehow asking all the questions here, then he'd be eternally grateful.

Just then, a freezing wind cut through, sending him into a fit of shivers. "Augh, this ain't the place to be swapping pleasantries. How fast can you run, Violetta?"
"I don't know if I can run. I haven't figured out most of what I can do." Violetta pulled her cloak even more tightly around herself. "Getting out of this coldness would be good, though."

She flexed her legs, then started walking, gradually picking up her pace. She didn't want to jump right into running when she wasn't familiar with it. "Does it matter which way we go?"