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Well, I just got this game, and it's pretty fun. Been a while since I played any kind of FPS, but that's all right. I imagine that this would be a tad more fun with someone else to help me brutally kill things, though. Is there any kind of list I can sign up for? Or would anyone be interested in doing a little tag-team with me?
If you are playing on Steam I would play with you, being Erloas there too. And I'm not sure how much it may have changed in a week, but I actually had pretty good luck just joining random peoples' games at release.

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My favorite grenade mod was the orange 2x one. I'm not at home, so I can't check the name, but its a MIRV with a 0.0 fuse time that blew up, released the child grenades, then after that explosion relesed EVEN MORE child grenades. So even though I got it half way through the first playthrough, its served me well so far in TVHM.
That is the one I mentioned earlier. I know it drops from Boom&Bewm, if it drops from anywhere else as well I don't know.