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"I don't know if I can run. I haven't figured out most of what I can do." Violetta pulled her cloak even more tightly around herself. "Getting out of this coldness would be good, though."

She flexed her legs, then started walking, gradually picking up her pace. She didn't want to jump right into running when she wasn't familiar with it. "Does it matter which way we go?"
Fleetwing started walking as well, always staying ahead of her so at least he was the one choosing a direction. If she was a bandit or Raider, he figured he could take her, just so long as he didn't let her lead him into a trap. Still, if she was some sort of a trap, her sob story was making it harder and harder to be suspicious. "Violetta...I think you're gonna have a lot to learn about this world." His expression softened, and he glanced up at the sky, looking for that patch of light clouds that told him where the sun was. "Yeah, it matters a ton where we go. Most of the places in this world aren't safe, and you don't go to some cities unless you have a death wish. And I don't know how much food or water you're carrying, but we should probably get to where we're going in a hurry."

It took some searching, but the cowardly pegasus finally got his bearings. He had known roughly where the previous settlement was on a map, but he'd just run in a random direction for a good while; no telling where he was now. "Now if I got this right...I think there's a small settlement to the east that I haven't heard anything bad about. That might be our best bet." He started heading eastward at a brisk pace, looking back every few minutes to make sure Violetta was keeping up alright.