[North Equestria - Middle of Frickin' Nowhere]

Atop the overpass, there was just the slightest tinge of motion. One would be forgiven for missing it, given that it was quite a distance away and mostly hidden. This motion happened to be that of a Ghoul staring down the scope of a modified Zebra Rifle, watching two ponies approach her...

...well, home wasn't really the right word. More like a temporary residence.

Anyway, a pegasus and unicorn were headed in that general direction. Even as she began to line up a shot, planning to cripple the Pegasus' wing before quickly disabling the Unicorn, she noticed something peculiar: They were chatting in a manner that seemed almost friendly, and there certainly wasn't an excess of blood on them, or anything similar.

These weren't raiders. These were a pair of travelers that had stumbled across the town by accident, much like she had. It would be rather cruel to kill them, especially without finding out what their purpose was beforehand.

Xiphr relented, lifting the rifle and slinging it upon her back. These two would have to be monitored closely if they had seen the town, but the current priority was alertness. Taking one of the numerous propaganda posters littering the streets, she wrote a simple message upon it, folded it, and allowed it to float down into the hamlet, before herself beginning her descent.


Pegasus, Unicorn approaching. Lightly Armed. Not Raiders.