[Fleetwing - The Middle of Nowhere]

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"Not safe? What's going on?" Violetta followed as best she could, still confused. "I'll have to find a..." Her mind was still so clouded over that she had to search hard to find the right word. "...library, or something. Everything's too fuzzy."
Fleetwing was starting to seriously consider getting his ears checked out. The pegasus turned to study his odd companion with a mix of confusion and wonder. "You really don't know anything about the world?" Now he was glad he didn't take her to one of the big cities; she'd be eaten alive there.

He opened his mouth to begin to explain, when something...odd, something rather odd stirred within him. Here was a mare, wide-eyed and innocent as a newborn foal. Was it really his place to dash her worldview into dust? But the more he pondered (and he silently pondered for quite a ways) the more he realized he couldn't turn her loose without giving her some idea of what she was getting into. Hay, she was already following him blindly, who's to say she wouldn't do the same for a Raider? Might as well shoot her in the head now, get it over and done with.

Finally, he spoke up again. "Look, this ain't gonna be good news, and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but here goes; this here land of Equestria? It's not such a great place. A lot of fighting happened a long time ago, a lot of things broke, the land included, and everything's gone to Tartarus since then. There's a lot of folks just fighting to stay alive, a lot of folks who live by taking from others, and some folks who just want to ruin as many lives as possible before they get theirs. Some folks are trying to fix things up, but nopony agrees on how to fix things, and all that ever happens is just more fighting. And that leaves all us little ponies scrapping together what we can to survive another day. At least, that's the short answer to your question. There's probably folks who study this sorta thing who can tell you more." He glanced back with a frown, watching how she took the news. "I'm sorry, but this ain't exactly a nice world we live in."

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Violetta sniffed the air. "Well, better to go somewhere than nowhere." She then started trotting towards the smoke, eager to find out more.
And so the two of them approached the town, with Fleetwing keeping a weather eye open for trouble. He failed to spot how close they'd come from being another two corpses laid out on the wasteland.