Casting the net slightly wider afield, we come to Heroes of Shadow.

If you were to consider the mage instead of the wizard, then the Nethermancer has some controller-ish options.

At level 1 when you hit with your nethermancy powers your targets now treat targets further than 2 squares away as having partial concealment. And at level 10 when you have any concealment against a creature you gain combat advantage.

So a level ten nethermancer duking it out against up to two artillery monsters, could happily blast away at them with his or her Unravelling Darts, in the process enjoying a four point swing (-2 to them, +2 to you).

If you have predominantly ranged characters in the party (Warlocks, Rangers etc) then they will also enjoy the partial concealment (though Warlocks can and should be generating this on their own I believe?)

From Heroes of the Fallen Land we get the Enchantment school of magic, which if you want to do forced movement you would be strongly encouraged to consider.

A number of at-wills, such as:

Beguiling strands, essentially an upgrade to Thunderwave (bigger area, doesn't target allies, not dependent on heavy Wisdom investment) (slightly less damage) (targets will instead of fort so may be more likely to hit against things trying to melee you) - will work with Psychic Lock but not Phantom Echoes

Freezing Burst, essentially an upgrade to Scorching Burst (adds slide effect)

Hypnotism - either make the monster punch itself in the face, or slide it three squares

Phantasmal Assault (illusion and psychic) - target grants combat advantage and can't make opportunity attacks. (Doesn't look like it stacks with Phantom Echoes, but Psychic Lock is good)

Phantom Cage - similar to Illusionary Assault (illusion and psychic) but doesn't seem to offer any improvement, provides a small deterent to movement (Astral Wasp lite?)


On the whole "stop punching yourself!" theme, in addition to Hypnotism there is Charm of Misplaced Wrath (E1), Tasha's Forcible Conscription (D5), Charm of the Defender (E7), Phantom Foes (E7), Concusive Echo (E7), Taunting Phantoms (D9).


In the category of "Not Colour Spray but still worth an honourable mention" there are:

Chill Claws (-2 to attack to up to 2 creatures)
Maze of Mirrors (immobilised and massive penalty to attack)
Pinioning Vortex (dazed, immobilised and grants combat advantage)
Icy Rays (like Chill Claws but immobilises instead)
Blissful Ignorance (area attack which slows and prevents opportunity attacks and immediate actions)
Cordon of Bones (area attack that makes a zone with the effect that creatures have -2 to attack while in the zone)


Lastly, a word regarding the feat Enlarge Spell. Many of the early guides sing it's praises from the rooftops. However it has been errata-ed to not effect Daily Spells.

Hence, since most of your control is coming from Daily Spells, Enlarge Spell will sadly do very little for the controller style wizard. Make sure you evaluate it only with respect to your at-wills and encounter powers.

Doubly sadly, the one at-will you might think would be the one with the most to gain from it (Cloud of Daggers) doesn't gain anything from it at all.