[Manehatten - MoM Hub]

Elevator music continues to play!


They should reach the roof here in just a few moments.


Nails is... fixing the severed wires? Maybe? Getting PV-4's sensors on line would drastically increase the chances of the ponies heading to the roof not dying horribly.

[Manehatten - Toward Stable 29]

"Probably not the best ah ideas to surprise her with it, Swiss," Corn laughs, apparently finding this whole situation rather amusing.

"It's spoooooky magic!"
Swiss explains in a totally non-explaination. And waves her hooves in a suitably spooooooky fashion. Then a wash of candy red magic streams over the mask, replacing it with the previously-unicorn's face. She's grinning a whole lot. "Should I keep going with the whole shebang?"

Rye rolls her eyes. "Well, if we're trusting her this far we might as well. She already knows about Sour and your magic. Let's just leap head over hooves into the irradiated pool and splash around."

"Hahaha! Okay! Rye's real name is Foresight, cuz that's what she does. Ever try fighting a pony that knows that you're going to do before you do? It's funny to watch."

Rye just shakes her head and gives her tail a flick. "I really don't like bragging about it..."

"Between Taint poisoning and some sorta healing talisman stuck in his guts Corn's nearly impossible to kill,"
Swiss continues, pointing a hoof at her friend.

"Eeeyup," replies the huge earth pony. Who saw that reply coming?

"And me? I'm Allomyrina," she gives one of her legs a flick, the black carapace of the armor being consumed in that candy red flame and is replaced with!

...black carapace armor. Just full of holes.

Swiss peers through her foreleg at Down and grins like a madpony. Then the rest of her pony-body is burned away. "A Changeling. Betcha can't guess how I got my nick-name!"

Her voice drops to an easily heard stage-whisper. "Here's a hint, it has something to do with all the holes."

The snaggle-toothed bug pony thing then starts laughing.

Corn laughs along with her. "You're an odd duck, Swiss. Don't reckon I tell ya that often enough. Heh, well. That's all of us. And ya already heard about Miss Moondancer, aka Sauerkraut. So what are you bringin' to our little game, miss? Fancy armor and guns I reckon."

Rather out of the blue Rye says, "We need to take cover. We'll have company in a moment."

Nothing has even shown up on Down's EFS yet. And considering that TRSG! just took cover under a ruined overpass they seem to be taking Rye's warning seriously.