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Manehatten - Ministry of a-Morale

"And there's plenty of crazy abominations for you to primary objective upon," Whadda states coldly. Wow she's an ice-queen when dealing with rogue AIs.

Manehatten Ruins-Horseshoe Tower-Minster of Morale-Elevator - 10:38 am

Fox Trot

Well this was a surprising attitude, guess I had this one pegged wrong. "You alright there?" I asked lowering my head.

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[Manehatten - MoM Hub Elevator]

Sergeant Sprinkles' optical sensors whir slightly as they tilt towards Fox Trot. "So in other words, you ain't got no idea what yer doin' out here, yer just along for the ride. Am I right? Of course I'm right," he mutters, his "eyes" whirring back towards the elevator door. "Don't worry, though. I've seen fresh recruits, much more pathetic whelps than yerself, go on to be badass buckers who wore tattered zebra pelts as trophies in the field." A pause. "I've seen a lot of things in my days..." he mutters in a distant manner.

"Not what I said, but whatever, Sprinkles."
This was such a long elevator ride, I felt myself slinking over to the wall and leaned against it with a small sigh.