[Manehatten - Toward Stable 29]

Down seems to have met up with a group of...freaks and mutants?
Or, at least, that's what she would say if she was a completely insensitive jerk.

"Well aren't you all...unique..."
But she's not, no matter what her (veiled) leery glances at Swiss seem to be implying, and the fact that her tail seems slightly more active and twitchy than usual.

"I'm assuming you're unique. And not clever liars. This isn't common, right?"
Also changeling? The hell is a changeling? Some sort of freakish taint mutant?
The vaguest similarities to her armor though...completely coincidental, she's sure.
"So many ques-"

The pegasus drops down to the ground readily enough as everypony(changeling) else does, snapping to an alert gaze as she goes.
"Which direction?"