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Ministry of a-Morale

Whadda is mostly just in a bad mood next to something you never want to force a Ranger to be next to without imminent destruction. Of course she couldn't talk about the latter. The former was mostly a little too personal for somepony she just met yesterday... Gushing about how you're a horrible pony isn't something you do around acquaintances.

"If you must know today just got weird too fast. Now I'm in an elevator with a hunk of junk,"
her eyes narrow. "Who seems pretty well informed about threats in the wasteland."

After a moment she blinks and tries to go back to her bubbly nature. Speaking of which. "Or it could be low blood sugar. It's been hours since my last drink!" Well that's true only of soda, Fox may remember seeing Whadda hitting the coffee pretty hard. Doesn't stop her from chugging down a cola pretty quickly though.

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Fox Trot

Dang, an upset mare, and it wasn't even my fault this time. I flashed her a small smile. "Hey, Miss Whadda Scoops, if we don't die out here, remind me to buy you a Sparkle Cola, two if we're not missing any limbs." Wink.