Assessment Results

Name: Terra.

Sex: No, and the alternative is too disturbing to contemplate.

Physiology: Subject is a small, gangly female winged unicorn, believed to be around 12 years of age. Coat colour is green; mane and tail are light blue and roughly cut; eyes are deep purple. Muscular development is minimal, and her physical strength is lacking. No mark has manifested.

Psychology: Subject seems distant and detached, and possesses tendencies toward melancholy. Rather naive; very few influences on her mental development. Prone to underconfidence.

She has occasionally shown a strange fascination with rocks.

Origins: Unknown.

Associations: None known.

Abilities: Slight magical abilities, with strong potential for more. However, she lacks training, and can't even fly yet either.

Power Rating: 1/7. Barely capable of combat. Even ice fairies are stronger.

Movement Speed: ****

Attack Range: *

Attack Power: *

Possessions: Subject possesses nothing except a tattered brown cloak and a faded purple vest, which she wears to keep herself warm at night.

Summary: She's barely worth our notice. A mockery of a princess.

Status: Alive.