[Manehatten - Toward Stable 29]

"What, me personally? I can be sneaky if I feel like it. But I've got a good feeling about you!" Swiss prods a corroded hoof at Down, chattering in that oddly chittering voice of hers. "Ponies don't come to the aid of other ponies out here in the Wasteland very often. We're always looking for somepony to add to our little band of heroes."

And then hiding!

Swiss, for her part, is clinging to the underside of the overpass.

Upside down.

And peering out from under it up at the sky. Which happens to be the general direction Rye had pointed. Rye and Corn have taken cover under some crumbled concrete pillars.

Aaaaand now some red bars are appearing on the EFS. Three of them. And approaching fast.

"More manticores,"
Rye breaths through clenched teeth. "Coming from the direction we're headed. Must be going the right way."

Unless harassed somehow the flying lion critters will go sailing overhead without noticing the hidden ponies.