[MH - MoM Hub Elevator]

Sprinkles growls in Fox Trot's direction. "Sergeant Sprinkles."

His eye-stalks then whir back over to Scoops, though their light is currently pink instead of aggressive red. "I have served the great nation of Equestria for over 215 years. This is not my first rodeo, ma'am," he states, his mechanical voice sounding... weary? "I have performed frontline operations against fortified Zebra positions, rooted out Zebra sympathizer cells in downtown Fillydelphia, and watched as everything and everyone I ever fought to protect burned around me. I have defended MoM interests against mutants, monsters, and outsiders who would scavenge the last remnants of our proud society. I have ventured out into the 'Wasteland' as you call it quite a few times, checking distress signals, verifying the status of MoM operations, and recovering needed intel and material. I'm not informed. I'm experienced. And I'm not a hunk of junk," he growls in annoyance, his "eyes" temporarily flaring red before fading back to pink.

Never judge a book by its garishly pink cover...

After a moment of silence, he flatly asks: "Would you like some water?"