[Manehatten - Toward Stable 29]

Only three manticores...

Swiss, sadly, is denied further small talk at the moment as Down considers the situation rather thoroughly.
And trying not to stare at the weird bugpony above her.

Turns out thinking about murder is a good way to do this though.

She thinks quickly, compiling options and logically assessing possibilities.
"We should kill them now, while we have the element of surprise.
If we let them go, they may show up later while we are rescuing your friend."

The pegasus is already lining up her shots here, the targeting systems flicking a version of VATS on and off, preparing to send her vicious rifle bolts towards the bellies of the monsters at the first sign of agreement from the others.

She won't act alone here, selfishly exposing the entire group on a hunch they don't agree with.