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((For a while I thought LS would just be bluffing. But I have a different idea. It's funnier. Also showcases that LS is stupid as well as crazy.))

Aw, playing hard to break~Lone Star smirked and bopped her nose with his hoof. Idiot. Miss Icy Touch, would you be so kind as to freeze her enough that the fire won't kill her? His eyes grew dark. Mommy and Daddy liked to roast their victims slow.
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Icy actually had to hide a grimace as the rather sickening talk Lone Star just gave roiled her stomach. She hadn't been aware of just how far gone Lone Star could be. Or maybe she had.

That's my stallion! Mmm, so hot!
Ugh, I have no words.

Nevertheless, Icy maintained her composure and decided to play along, sensing that their prisoner was breaking. She smiled again, and pressed the sides of an icicle against Lemon's chest, making sure she felt the chill. "Where do I start?"

"Nein! I will die before I betray my cell...!" The red maned mare continued on his act of foolish bravado as she winced-shivered.