For Amber:
As Amber helps Dresden prepare a magic circle, and do so quite expertly, her warden-commander confides to her, "Things are pretty bad right now in other cities. Warden resources are stretched thin. We're lucky that I happened to be available today, but there will be times in the future when you have to accomplish tasks without much warden support. And that is why, as hard as it may be for you, you have to make other allies out there...even ones that may be distateful. I've done the same in Chicago. They're the lesser of evils right now. You made the right decision to agree to help. You may very well save more lives."

When the rest of you get back, Dresden is impressed by the quality of the items acquired. "You got more items ont he list than I had anticipated. These will greatly help Warden Inoue and I concentrate. You may have saved us a few hours. Good job. While we are busy, if there's a way for you to keep an eye out for reports of...similar injuries or perhaps reports of strange behaviors, that would be of great aid. Perhaps the doctor can go check hospital records on the down-low, and the changeling can umm...get chummy with some vagrants? They sometimes can see a lot."