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As the game is currently set up, I agree with you. But, I don't feel that it should be this way.

I just think as the game progresses to pass the mundanes, they should be enhanced to keep up. Quadratic Fighters, as it were.

We're fighting flying incorporeal creatures intent on raining down magical attacks? Here are my options: Leap up and cut through their incorporealness, cut a hole in the wall for an escape route, focus on deflecting / reflecting their magical attacks, etc. That is flavorful, has an ancient folklore (Greek mythology, Epic of Gilgamesh) / anime precedent, and keeps the Fighter from becoming obsolete.
I agree with this.

I think that being a fighter should open a range of possibilities which reflect the complexities and physicality of what we read and see in fiction with mundane yet skilled fighters.

Fighting should have a depth in its own right -- more Shadow Of The Colossus or Legend of Zelda with the player sorting out how to best react to the situation than World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy where you occasionally toggle skills to break up the monotony of spamming attacks. I personally don't care about feeling powerful, I just want to be challenged and have useful skills which allow me to meet those challenges in a variety of ways with more options being added on as you conquer each experience.