'Ah yes, I think I can make something out. You say you noticed it yesterday Drayner? Possibly a spy. It hasn't attacked at any rate. I suppose this is why you were asking about cooking birds last night?'

Raif looks back up at the dot.

'Seems a little ambitious...'

Raif Clearsight turns away.

'Anyhow, Verossa, you must remember when the Cult started out, it was a beacon of hope for many of the dispossessed. In the confusion, many talented and able people, disadvantaged by race, or birth, were able to make something of themselves.

For the more savage races, they were given something resembling equal treatment for the first time in memory. As traditional rule collapsed, and unjust laws were broken, I recall many of us hoped for a bright tomorrow - when all peoples would stand equal, and undivided by rank, united in brotherhood'.

Raif mutters 'And some of the more radical even suggested united in sisterhood'.

Raif coughs and speaks up again; 'I know that it didn't turn out that way, and indeed, I was naive to think that it would. The cult cared little, but for themselves, and a harsh rule of the strong, the clever and the rich followed. But you have to understand the heady optimism of those early days, when we believed that the cult could sweep away inequality. Some still believe it can, or that it might. You have to understand that, if you're to understand the cult's appeal. After all, understanding it is the first step to breaking it'.

Raif Clearsight looks poignant for a moment.

'I have many regrets about those times, and my actions, yet in some ways those were the best years of my life'.