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Icy actually had to hide a grimace as the rather sickening talk Lone Star just gave roiled her stomach. She hadn't been aware of just how far gone Lone Star could be. Or maybe she had.

That's my stallion! Mmm, so hot!
Ugh, I have no words.

Nevertheless, Icy maintained her composure and decided to play along, sensing that their prisoner was breaking. She smiled again, and pressed the sides of an icicle against Lemon's chest, making sure she felt the chill. "Where do I start?"
Left front leg. He said calmly as he trotted towards the bathroom that I THINK Benson said was part of this cart. Gimme a minute, I need to reassemble it.

Lone Star locked the door behind him, then stuck his hoof as far down his throat as he could. He started to gag, then threw up. In his throw-up were several small boxes containing pieces of the unassembled flamethrower. He put them together, frowning as he remembered the fuel tank had been too large and too dangerous to risk putting in his stomach.

He smirked. Well, his mom had been a unicorn and the flamethrower had been built with that in mind. He trotted out of the bathroom, wiping sick off of his face. The flamethrower rested on his right side, held in place by his metal wing, while a gas mask was held under the other.

I forgot - I couldn't risk the fuel tank. It needs unicorn magic fed into it to run. He gave Icy puppy-dog eyes. Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?