You step through the doorway and look around you. You first notice that the walkway you are on goes left and right, and there is a little wall, about 3 ft high, right in front of you. This wall goes left and right, and on the other side of the wall it drops off to the floor below, about 40 ft down. you notice the walkway, on either side, goes for about 40 feet and then turns into stairs, going down to the ground. The whole room is enclosed, as well, made out of the same stone as before.

When you look into the center of the room, for a giant room it is, you see some of the worst things you have ever seen in your life. At the back of the room, there what looks like a "leader" type priest standing at the top of a small raised platform with stairs going up to him. He is screaming and going on in a language none but Ewin seems to understand (and even then, he doesn't understand much). About 30 feet in front of him are a bunch of "men" you fought before, with long nails dressed only in loincloths painted red, whooping and hollering and cutting themselves and generally acting like mad men. Around the priest type person, you see a couple of Tieflings, and a couple of men robed, like the ones you fought before as well.

And in the center of all of this, is a Devil, the likes of you have never seen before. It is large, with chains everywhere on it, and it is systematically killing, and sometimes eating, a huddled group of people that seem to have been kidnapped, because they are all crying and trying to get away, to no avail, for some of the crazed men and helping chorale them. Around the devil you see bodies, and parts of bodies, of men, women, and children strew about. There is a glowing circle below him, filled with runes. No one seems to notice you..........yet.

I am assuming that everyone kind of steps in with Infernion, so you can make 2 checks of what you wish, as long as you, of course, are trained in it. With the exception of Perception, if you have an idea for something PM me, or just go for it Also, the sight of all the carnage is, pretty much, worse than most of you have ever seen. I mean, there is a LOT of blood and guts scattered about. It even makes Arya's stomach turn a little