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    Verossa looks at Raif. Hard-eyed and jaw set. "I know what it is to embrace something that gives you dignity, where otherwise you would have none. It's not for me to condemn or criticise you, I would probably have done the same. In a way, I did. And so did mother.

    "But, if they ever had a sane intention, they have failed. And they seek to spread their failure upon the rest of us by force. There'll be nothing good for me in the world they'd make. So I oppose them. For the memory of my former companions and the right not to be beaten in the streets.

    "I'll have white hair and wrinkles by the time this is over, I suspect. But I'm going to see it over, and won. There'll always be injustice and oppression in this world. I won't be doing it. But I'll fight for a world in which being able to oppress others is a privilege, not a right"