Last time on delta logs, everyone started making their way to the bar there, gonna be honest, i don't know the bars name. Ciel made some quick money working for the bar keep while lain sat and drank some wine and talked to a dragon born marriage counselor. After some time ciel got the remaining money he needed and went to buy a silver shortsword for the inevitable werewolf attack, entering he met terry, the elf ladies husband. Poor ciel bought his sword but left heartbroken . The DM wanted to poke fun at this and had a bullywog lady come up to hit on ciel.Not knowing i had the frog spearer background, I smashed her head against the ground so hard she died instantly. Committing said murder ciel figured it was time to meet the diety of the city.
Lain after a boring conversation with the dragon born left as well to meet the diety. And V seeing the two losers he washed up with decided to follow.
we went inside said tree, and started climbing it. almost to the top e encountered a trent wizard, he was the campian of tree town. I personally found it amusing to have a tree living in a tree, but I digress. unfortunately i now need to go back over my notes to fact check, see all you nonexistent people who read these later