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    Default Re: Thanqol Learns 2 Draw: Every Step Is The First

    Quote Originally Posted by Thanqol View Post
    Day 501a: Faceless Prince

    Your description was really nonspecific (protip: be specific) so I defaulted to Warmachine/Alchemical Visual Design. This here's a sketch, be feedbacking plox.

    Joints will be linked with lightning arcs.


    Time: 35 minutes
    Music: Supplementary Lessons for Misfortune
    Hey, dropping in to comment since I'm the one who originally came up with our Faceless Prince. Let me see if I can't fill in the holes that Sanctaphax is missing.

    As he mentioned, we're not looking for a mechanical theme for this one - more an elemental one. More like this:

    In terms of proportions, the prince has a normal human pose (no hunchback) and is lithe and graceful. He has both hands. He's deadly not because of his strength or because of supernatural toughness but because he's literally lightning fast. Texture wise, I was looking for his metal sections to look like rough, unrefined copper:

    For his pose, I was looking for something with some motion to it, something dynamic. Perhaps something along lines like this:

    Zero was the original inspiration for the knee-length cable-hair. In attitude, he is menacing and malevolent. He is arrogant, self-assured, confident, and intimidating. He fights with whips made of lightning, if it matters.


    EDIT: I approve of the music selection
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