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Fox trot stared at the flamethrower and choked on his words that tried to stumble on their way out. "Wha-hauh....wha....bhwuh,.....you're likely to kill us all with that thing...it ain't a big room! No!"

Lemon Chiffon went white losing all color, eyes all big and round.

"Icy....what do you mean by that last part?"
He eyed her with almost a frozen look. On his part, he was not too keen on killing on anyway, he was not the killing sort and didn't want to be if he didn't have to be. And that became doubled with the incident at Las Haygas and the casino. All those innocent ponies, dead, so much death, just burning death everywhere.
Icy glanced at Lemon Chiffon. "I hope you have not forgotten she had tried to kill us with a bomb. Either we dispose of her now, or we find some way to make sure she does not cause trouble for the rest of the journey." To Lone Star, she just rolled her eyes. "Please. I rather not have the smell of burning flesh on my gown."