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    'You've been fighting a long time, haven't you Verossa? I understand your opposition. I do not think that the cult were ever sincere in wishing to better the lot of the peoples'.

    'Instead they took advantage of resentments, grievances and divisions that the social order created. As long as those conditions exist, the cult will draw strength from some quarters'.

    'Even if we do defeat the cult, something else will take that place, grow from the same roots and frustrations'.

    'I would prefer to live in a world where people are not oppressed at all, where oppression itself is ridiculed. That kind of servitude demeans the master as much as the slave. It may sound like an impossible ideal, but I've been working towards it for some time. Like your fight it will be a long one - I do not think I will survive it'.

    Raif Clearsight gives a pained smile.

    'Accepting our death - the truth that this life is a transitory fiction - is the first step to achieving our goal. To seeing the false truths and the true falsehood. After that, all things are possible - or so I believe'.

    Clearsight thinks.

    'In hindsight, I think that is my greatest mistake. Believing that my truth was true for everyone. I tried to give it as a gift, but, it rang false'.

    Raif thinks for a while.

    'I am glad that I met you, Verossa. Together, the five of us can do much'.
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