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    Default Re: What would you expect in a new dnd cartoon?

    I'd personally love something set in Eberron, or at least a new setting that draws heavily from Eberron. I'd also like the look of the series to be hand-drawn, kinda like the pretty good ThunderCats reboot that ended this year.

    As for the tone, I'd like it to be kind of like IDW's Dungeons and Dragons ongoing - lots of action, a good plot, and more than a bit of snarky humor. Of course, the resident caster would dress a bit more modestly than Tisha, which I'd actually like - someone as squishy as a wizard dressing in anything that exposes the collarbone or anything below it is basically saying "LOOK AT ME! I'M A WALKING PINCUSHION FOR ARROWS!"

    Since Hasbro'd be involved with producing it, I'd expect to see it on the Hub and to be rated TV-PG-V at the most. I wouldn't object to a TV-PG rating - Cartoon Network's PG-rated action shows are usually pretty good these days, and it'd be nice to see a D&D series that isn't trying as hard to be mature as it usually is these days. Just... No baby unicorns, please. And maybe use characters that aren't from "our world" - the D&D cartoon is probably one of the better 80's toons out there, since there was more continuity and it dealt with heavier themes, but I'd rather see "natives" to the setting as protagonists so we could have multiple races - I would love to see a D&D cartoon with an elf and a dwarf trading insults like Dinobot and Rattrap did in Beast Wars. If a new series could do that with writing and animation quality on par with, say, Young Justice, Avatar (both series, even though Korra had problems with the romance subplots) or Clone Wars, I'd watch it religiously :D

    @DR. Epic: Well, a more action/adventure D&D cartoon would be nice. Adventure Time's one of my favorite cartoons, but I really want to see another fantasy cartoon on the air since ThunderCats went belly-up.
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