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They probably would, except by the terms of the OP all we mainly have is lots of Roks with lots of boyz and whatever they can squeeze into aforementioned Roks.

I'm doubtful they could squeeze anything the size of gargants into a Rok, maybe a couple of light and medium class vehicles, but nothing on the heavy or super heavy scale.

Speaking of which, how do Orks get their heavy and super heavy gear from orbit onto the planet? Do they ship it down it bits and re-assemble on site or do they have massive transport ships that can drop the things intact?

Another thing that I've discovered - Roks can't travel through the Warp, so somewhere not too far away in-system, is the Orks' main base of operations.
That, or sometimes they have big enough Tellyportas to get the super-heavies to the surface intact.

As for the Rok's lack of warp capability, I don't think that was intended as part of the fight, that's just a general idea of the scale of force the Orks can bring to bear.