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Thread: Best D&D original monsters out there?

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    I'm biased towards "robots" because I'm a huge Transformers fan, but I love Warforged in general. Not just the player race ones, though - I love the Titans, I love the Chargers, I love the Scorpions, I love when Raptors fly, I love the Warforged, and all their frames and types, boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da!

    Okay, I have no idea how that became a parody of a three-year-old ad campaign for Discovery, but it did. But a race that can live indefinitely, is genderless, and can come in all shapes and sizes from wiry little scouts to hulking bruisers is pretty much everything I'd want in a monster/character race. You could build a Cast of Snowflakes from Warforged alone - their variable sizes and body-frames, their components...
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