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On the other hand, of the group, Derk would seem to be the one most likely to be concerned with movement penalties for rough ground, since they'd interfere with charging and tactical movement. The rest of us are either battlefield control, damage at a distance, or don't wear boots at all.
Ahh, pretty Godot prefers to show her ankles, huh?

The whole rough terrain thing was not concerning me, though. I can fly and Umbriel has a tendency to zip and zap melee units over the battle field as if they were chess pawns. "As if?", would be her reaction, I presume .

The swift action stoneskin is very sweet, though. I am just imagining that it is something that would make, for example, our shapeshifter who has to choose between damage output and defense through his forms a bit happy (as well as looking for a wilding clasp).

I just don't want to get to the point where my defense becomes a bit overkill. In the end that is a potential danger to you guys (Togo putting in a monster to hurt me that accidentally ends up smacking one of you guys). Unless, of course, Togo pops in now telling me that I had better take them because he feels I might be needing them.