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"Of course I didn't forget she tried to kill us," Fox huffed a bit. "I just...I dunno...feel like a piece is missing here.....she said 'cell'........that's something, that's a clue..I just know it."
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Lone Star suddenly dropped the flamethrower and the mask as a thought hit him like a freight train. Hold it. He held up a hoof, eyes suddenly wide. She said 'cell'. That implies more than one pony involved, obviously. How do we know she's the only member of this 'cell' on this train?
"We don't. That's the point. We could keep her imprisoned here in this cabin for now." Icy glanced at Lemon Chiffon again, a little smirk forming in her mouth as she saw just how pale the mare had become. Then her smile faded. "We have to keep an eye out. I have a feeling somepony else would pay us a visit real soon."