So, I was watching a Let's Play of a newer game made to look/play like the old computer RPG's, and I got a hankering to play an old favorite of mine -- The Bard's Tale. The original one, not the remake from a few years ago.

Now as it happens I have a "10th Anniversary" CD for Interplay with this program and a few others (like Wasteland and Dragon Wars) I'd like to play later. I popped it in and... nothing. No problem, I do helpdesk for a living after all...

The files won't run. Now I know the "reason" -- the computer I'm installing them on is 64-bit (Win7 Home Premium, to be exact). Any other time I've tried this though, I just select the compatibility mode in properties and it's off to the races. This time, it isn't changing anything.

Any ideas?