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Okay, so levels 1-8 are "not exactly low-level". Well then, what are they?
Levels 1-8 are low-level through high early levels. 1-4 would be low-level. Meanwhile, levels 5-9 aren't low levels, exactly like I said before.

I'm not even sure what NecroRebels point is here. Does he think Psychic Lock is a good controller feat or not? Kurald Galain agreed with me (in a very back-handed way):
You said, "I've been trying to address the low level stuff," but Psychic Lock is very emphatically not an example of low level stuff, so if you were trying to address the low level stuff as you claimed, why even bring it up?

NecroRebel suggests that we should look for unconsciousness and then domination. I haven't seen anything like that on an at-will, the Dragon Magazine stuff must have some pretty hefty power creep!!!
Now you're trying to put words into my mouth, or at my fingertips as the case may be (typing, you know ). At no point did I make even the slightest hint of implication that those conditions should be sought on at-will powers, only that those are the most desirable conditions to cause.

That said, all else being equal, I would typically prefer a Slow effect to a -2 attack penalty effect. Until you can pick up Psychic Lock at level 11, I'd prefer Ray of Frost to Illusory Ambush.