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    Round 5 continued
    Mertes strikes down another kobold minion. Just two are left up on the walkway, and they're both looking worried.

    Alessa's water blast sends the two minion kobolds scurrying. The quickblade isn't affected immediately, but the pool surges around him, pushing him toward the attacks of the other heroes.

    Zimelda's mace is now covered with the blood of multiple unfortunate kobolds, and the nimbus of protection is reestablished around her and Arjhan. Thanks to the cleric's intervention, the slime reconstitutes itself completely, but a cost must be paid for healing this outsider -- the life energy that flows into it is drained out of Alessa. The kobold splutter in astonishment and protest-- and recoil in disgust.

    Bahamut rewards Arjhan's loyalty, granting him accuracy to hit, and strength to deal a mortal wound to the Quickblade. Somehow it stays on its feet, fighting on from sheer determination, but it surely won't survive more than a few seconds.

    Round 6

    The wyrmpriest catches Zimelda's eye. He seems to be taking it personally that Zimelda is healing the slime. "No mess in us true home!" He spits a ball of fire at the Drow, which manages to arc past Arjhan and singe her again. (wyrmpriest hit reflex, 11 damage to Zimelda, she is Bloodied)

    Down in the melee, the kobold minions shift around as usual. One of them skewers the slime with its spear; it just flows away from the puny strike (minion hit, 4 damage to slime). The other two harass Arjhan again (aid another, 2 successes), hoping the Quickblade can repeat its last strike. But its strength gives out too soon, and it is just too weak to get past Arjhan's defenses. (Quickblade miss Arjhan)

    The minion who had caught the skull throws it perfectly up to the remaining kobold on the upper ledge. It draws the skull back, then flings it at the slime, slashing it in two again (8 damage to slime). The kobold then heads up the tunnel out of sight; Mertes can hear him jump over the caltrops. The skull gets stuck next to the slime with no one to retrieve it.

    Near Mertes, the kobold's eyes widen at this seemingly invincible being literally twice its height, and it runs screaming to the south. The goblin looks up and yells "Coward!" at it.

    One of the dragonshields walks up to the wyrmpriest and grabs him by the shoulder, pointing south and whispering something in Draconic that Arjhan can't hear. The wyrmpriest roars with anger, but acquiesces, and withdraws to the south, still glaring at the dragonshield. The other one steps toward the melee, baring its teeth to Arjhan. Both of them seem to be waiting for something.


    Round 5
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Standard: Energy Orb at Slime (17 hit reflex 16, 7 damage)
      • move to p7
    • Lower level minions
      • #4 charges the slime and crits for 4 damage
      • #5, #7, and #10 use aid another on Arjhan, results 11, 7, and 24, giving the +3 bonus to the Quickblade
      • #6 kicks skull up to kobolds on top level, losing his THP in the process
    • Upper level minions
      • #1 catches the skull, passes it to #2, and readies an action
      • #2 throws the skull at Alessa and misses with a 13 vs ref 16
      • #1 then reels the skull in again
      • #8 throws a javelin at the slime and hits with a 22, 4 damage.
    • Quickblade
      • Minor - shifty to shift away
      • Move - Fleet Feet to shift away
      • Standard - Charge Arjhan, 25 hit AC 23, 15 damage - 2 resist = 13 damage
    • Dragonshields: Move 6 squares toward battle, ready actions.
    • Goblin: Delay
    • Mertes: kill minion
    • Alessa: splash
    • Zimelda: kill minion, heal slime
    • Arjhan: smash quickblade

    Round 6
    • Dragonshields: Move: toward battle, Free: deliver bad news to wyrmpriest, Standard: Ready actions
    • Wyrmpriest: Energy Orb at Zimelda, 16 hit reflex, 11 damage, Move away from battle
    • Lower minions: attack slime, 24 hit AC, 4 damage. Aid anothers, 18 and 16 beat DC 11. Throw skull to top level, 21 is a success.
    • Quickblade: Charge Arjhan, 16 miss AC 22
    • Upper minions: #2 minor-shift, move-run away, standard-run away. #8 standard-fling skull at slime, 27 hit ref 16, 8 damage., minor-shift, move-head out cave, 16 beat DC 5 running jump athletics check over caltrops, exit cave

    • Alessa: 32/35 HP, Elemental Form (resist melee/ranged 4)
    • Alessa's Slime: 5/17 HP, Instinctive Action: Attack Quickblade (unless it's dead or Alessa gives it a command)
    • Arjhan: 11/38 HP, Priest's Shield (+1 to AC UENT-Zimelda), Bloodied (+1 to attack rolls)
    • Mertes: 23/39 HP + 4 THP, sustain endurance
    • Zimelda: 13/29 HP, Priest's Shield (+1 to AC UENT)
    • Minions: 6 remain, all have 5 THP except for #6. #2, is panicking far to the south; only Mertes can see it. #8 is in the process of trying to flee the battlefield out the east exit. #4, #5, #6, #10 are at ground level and have used Narrow Escape.
    • Quickblade 1: DEAD
    • Quickblade 2: DEAD
    • Quickblade 3: 23 damage, Bloodied, DC by Arjhan, Grant CA (Zone)
    • Wyrmpriest: 0 damage
    • Dragonshield 1: 0 damage, Readied Action
    • Dragonshield 2: 0 damage, Readied Action
    • Goblin: 0 Damage, Delay

    Up Next: Team PC
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