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"All right. Just follow my own standards. I can do that."

"So basically, follow authorities when they're doing the right thing? Sounds pretty much redundant to me." Night Jewel chuckled. "Maybe this won't be so hard for even a rebellious type like me after all."
"Except for the part where your entire life is one long sacrifice for the greater good. That may become grating."

As soon as Arvadraa finished, a knife went flying right through the field and struck Obsidian Flare in the side.

"Huh!" remarked Blades as she prepared to throw another dagger. "It flew clean through! It's like it wasn't even there."

The unicorn seemed mostly annoyed at her injury. "This time, aim further away from me. I forgot how painful sharp objects can be."
"Wait. Wait. Okay. It doesn't block physical objects. Which means that barring some complication you could just walk out. The complication being..." She tosses a few shadowbolts at the field to test her theory - pure magic energy that won't pass if that's what it contains.