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Thread: Best D&D original monsters out there?

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    I was always suspicious of the Warforged. When Eberron was in development, all the teasers and promotional articles made it out to be inspired by pulp adventure a la Indiana Jones and Tarzan set in a post-Great War period. Then the Iron Kingdoms started generating a lot of buzz with the release of their campaign setting books with their iconic magitech robots, the warjacks. Suddenly, the Eberron teaser article in Dragon magazine was "Eberron's going to have magic robots too!"

    After all the previous articles about lost jungle temples, Colt 1911s of magic missile, and carrying a passport to travel among the nations recovering from the continent spanning war, the warforged just seemed too much like "magic robots out of nowhere!" They did a good job integrating them into the setting, but I can't shake the feeling that they weren't conceived until late in production of the Eberron setting book.
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