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    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    Bang, baby, Bang

    Rainbow would find no answer from the captain. Zephyr was trying to pop the bullet out. Miss M was being a bullet sponge for the felled vamponies and trying to get them away to the side. These...officers didn't seem mind some friendly fire on what could be assumed as vampony allies.

    Daniel got his wish of flashy cover fire in the form of a grenade headed his way, at him, from where Gearstride was supposedly at. He could try hitting it and having it explode in his face, stand still and have it explode in his face, or get out of the way and have it explode where his face was at.
    Silverpine winced as a bullet whizzed past his right ear, close enough that he could feel the slight rush of air that accompanied it, along with the whizzing sound. "Stay here, Sandy," he said, pulling the engineer close to make sure he didn't accidentally slip out into the open.

    One shell left in his shotgun. He'd have to make it count. Silverpine chanced a peek around the pillar, and if he spotted any policepony out in the open, he would open fire, aiming for the legs. Can't shoot with buckshots in your knee.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orzel View Post
    "Orders, sir. Captain! Lieutenant! Orders or I'll engage." The sights of a crossbow takes on the head of a backrow shooter. Then it lowers to its heart.
    "Non-lethal only until otherwise ordered. You heard the captain!" Silverpine shouted back.
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