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    Quote Originally Posted by Grif View Post
    Silverpine winced as a bullet whizzed past his right ear, close enough that he could feel the slight rush of air that accompanied it, along with the whizzing sound. "Stay here, Sandy," he said, pulling the engineer close to make sure he didn't accidentally slip out into the open.
    Sandy plopped his haunches down obediently, rocking back and forth as he sat. This sitting still, it was maddening. Nothing to do, nothing to keep himself busy, nothing between him and...and that face in his head. Rending, tearing, exploding, bleeding, dying, so much blood, all over his face, all over his legs, bits of brain, "...urrrk." The engineer winced and held his stomach, tasting bile again. He tried to just focus on the sounds around him, the bullets whizzing, the rocks falling, a constant stream of distractions to throw in the way of his memory.

    (Just to confirm, Silverpine isn't responding to Rainbow?)
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