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    Default Re: God Save the Queen, Indeed: Let's Play Long Live the Queen!

    Chapter 18: Week 13: Mood: Willfull
    Henshin! Illuminate, Magical Bat-Princess Elodie!


    And the option of hard labor wins by the narrowest of margins!

    Magical Princess Bat-Elodie fights for life! Or something.
    "If she is kept far away from your sister's court, she will no longer be a threat."

    Well, as much as hard labor is forgiveness...
    I'll let you guys in on a secret spoiler here: sure, it looks like he's ticked off at us. This isn't a huge deal, since this guy is so naturally pissy that I've yet to have a run where he doesn't hate me.
    I'm going to have to work on that.

    Heh. Elodie knows what's what. Stand your ground, honey!
    (Also, do we really want her to be Julianna's problem? ...Well, I guess Julianna can just blast her to death. And she's with us anyway. Objection withdrawn.)
    "She should be made an example of! She should be drawn and quatered in a public square!"
    You know, blood for blood was exactly why she tried to kill your sister, man.

    "I have spoken!"
    You tell 'im, Lodie!

    That's 'Miss Your Highness'...But I'll let it slide.

    Anyway, it's the weekend, but who cares about a vote? We're going to see Julianna, and becoming a magical girl.

    "What do I do now?"

    ...Couldn't you have saved us a week and told us to do that in advance?

    Well gee, guys, what should we... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I'm sorry, I couldn't get through that with a straight face. Why do they even give you this choice?

    "Okay...Here we go...Illuminate!"
    I will say it now: This section is uber-hard to screenshot the way I'm doing it. Long Live the Queen does not actually seem to have a detectable screenshot function.

    Elodie closes her eyes, and the crystal appears, getting bigger and bigger and taking up the screen.

    Then there's magical-girl special effects.

    And then we're a lumen now! We don't get a magical girl costume just yet; we still need all Lumen skills about 25.
    But we are now a magical girl!...And there are consequences.

    For one, we get some mood boosts. Being a magical girl makes us happy! A sign that for all the game's darkness, this isn't Madoka!

    Hey, lookit that. It updated her profile to say she's a Lumen now.

    "The priestess here is a friend of mine. I will come to your lessons in the faith and train you to use your powers."
    The priestess being that lady she was with when we saw her with that lady. She's more of an important character if you locked Julianna up or the like.

    We are super-willful. We will be here for quite a while.

    Now, the concensus on what to do this week wasn't entirely clear...
    Except for Sense Magic.
    So I thought about it, and I'll go back and change if there's disagreement...
    But I sort of really want to see if we can pass some early sense magic checks I've never passed. We'd have to really power-level it, but...It's something I'm willing to support vaguely-worded votes for (Sense magic as top priority x2, Double Sense Magic once), just to see if it happens and if it changes the game for us.
    We can always go back and change this if we die and it doesn't work. I feel kinda guilty.

    The magic is inside of us all along, guys.

    So...We're trusting Julianna to shoot next to our feet. Joy.
    Well, luckily, she's basically as close to pure good as this game gets.

    So we know enough to know it's wierd...But not what it's warning us about.
    Well, this is a good example of divination at work: we see things, and if we know divination, they give us hints and options for coming events, usually lethal or difficult ones.

    "When you return to the castle, your father is waiting for you."

    This is another bit like the one with the Printing Press.

    We do like our people. They have yet to try and kill us.
    "I wish to build a hospital where any citizen afflicted with disease can be brought for treatment."

    But we don't know jack about medicine, so this decent and kind-spirited idea dies.
    "We are not interested."

    And then it's weekend time!

    Well, what shall we do?

    Visit Treasury: +1 Willful

    Attend Court: +2 Yielding, +1 Depressed, +1 Pressured

    Attend Service*: -1 Afraid

    Explore Castle: +1 Lonely, +1 Afraid

    Play with Toys: +1 Yielding, +1 Lonely, +1 Cheeful.

    Visit Dungeons* +1 Willful, +1 Angry

    Visit Tomb: +1 Depressed, +1 Afraid

    Walk in the Gardens: +1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful.

    Sneak Out: +1 Lonely, +2 Willfull

    Play Sports*: +1 angry

    ...Also, about that check I mentioned (if this doesn't qualify as too much of a spoiler)...I've run ahead and checked. If we spend every week from now until then doubling up on some form of magic (ideally, we'd switch to Wield or Resist next week, and then back to Sense Magic when they're all above 25), and it may be worthwhile to do so, it's actually passable with this late a starting point. And it's something, from what I've heard, of a possible game-changer (and checklist item). On the other hand, it'd cost us some time for other things, and I don't want to dictate this playthrough maybe more than I feel like I have. *guilty face*

    That, however, is the end of my spoilering and also something I'm leaving *entirely* to you guys.

    Also, like, what we should do and study next week.
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