Standing on a hill a long ways away from Bridle Shores a pony stares at the horizon. His deep blue coat and cream colored underside give him a unique coloring as he reaches a hoof up to push his sun from his eyes to the top of his head. Above him a peregrine falcon circles above before diving down and landing on his mane which was red with a white stripe in the middle. With his travel sack wraped around his midsection he looks at the far away Bridle Shores.

"You see that Falco? That is where I'll do it. I'll be the greatest peasus pony ever known. They'll be screaming my name soon enough! Watch out Bridle Shores, Blitz's Amazing Air Show is coming to town. Time to make my mark. Watch out world here I come!"

With that he brings his orange sunglasses back down over his eyes before giving a slight jump as he runs down the other side of the hill. He accelerates, going faster and faster. His legs almost become a blur before he jumps into the air and spreads his wings. With that he is off like a shot, becoming little more than a blue blur in the sky. Bridle Shores rapidly closes in as he smirks. Withing minutes he has reached the city. Coming in so that he hugs the ground he waits until he is just withing the city limits to coming down in a landing. As he does he allows his hooves to skid the ground to slow himself to a stop, prompting flames to follow his path from the friction his hooves create.

eventually he comes to a stop in the center of town as he travel sack drops from his midsection due to the jostling of the landing. Pulling out his guitar Blitz says, "Good day Bridle Shores, the star has arrived the one and only Blitz Slipstream!!" With that announcement he starts playing and multitude of sweet riffs that eventually die out.