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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    The elemental begins to recoalesce, shifting towards the throne room slightly as soon the staff-wielding human woman stands before the kobolds once again.

    I shall gladly remove the mess from your home, priest, she deadpans as the water of the pool begins to swirl around her. She unleashes it in a torrential wave of water at the kobolds arrayed before her. While the animated water continues to distract the quickblade, the slime strikes again. It grabs the helpless kobold, and rather disgustingly seems to digest it, as the poor creature seems to dissolve in the translucent slime.

    Minor Action: Shift to human form, allows me to shift to j4
    Standard Action: TE - Buffeting Wave, Cblast 5
    Free Action: Slime Attack @ Quickblade

    Hit: (1d6+5)[9] damage and knocked prone.

    vs. Minion 5: (1d20+6)[26] vs. Fortitude
    vs. Minion 6: (1d20+6)[11] vs. Fortitude
    vs. Minion 10: (1d20+6)[21] vs. Fortitude
    vs. Dragonshield 1: (1d20+6)[23] vs. Fortitude
    vs. Dragonshield 2: (1d20+6)[20] vs. Fortitude

    Slime vs. Quickblade: (1d20+8)[28] vs. Reflex
    Hit: (1d8+5)[12] damage + pull if legal.
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