Huh, only two? Well whatever, it was only them so why not give them a little free show. After all if they see what he had to offer they would tell their friends, and their friends would tell their friends and so on. So why not show a little of his upper tier work.

He gives a bow as he says, "Watch and be amazed as I give a small preview of what will become Blitz's Amazing Air Show!!" With that he slips his head through his guitar strap and shoots up into the air. As he does he flies around to gather many clouds into the area above the central plaza. He then starts flying gracefully through the air doing multiple loop-de-loops, corkscrews, and other such tricks. Each trick forms the clouds into sharper and sharper shapes.

Once the shapes are set he starts manipulating them so that the water inside the clouds is hit a certain way, bringing color to them. Once he is done there is a large cloud portrait of Princess Celestia doing battle with Nightmare Moon. Once it is finished he lands and gives a loud "Ta-da!"