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Thread: Orks (40k) vs. Zerg (Starcraft)

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    A Warband is not the size of a Loyalist chapter. Read the page you actually linked to...

    Some are not whole Chapters but simply warbands composed of a few tens or hundreds of Astartes drawn from the same original source and led by a charismatic commander or Chaos Lord.
    tens or hundreds = 1,000 members of a Chapter-size unit

    According to the current records of the Inquisition's Ordo Malleus, approximately 50 Loyalist Chapters or elements of Loyalist Chapters have turned Renegade in the ten millennia since the Horus Heresy.
    50 * 1000 = 50,000 maximum, if 50 whole chapters went rogue.

    When you link to sources,make sure those sources don't actually contradict your claims next time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel, on quest rewards
    "Is a stack of ten pancakes too many pancakes to give to the party, even if most of them fell on the floor and one or two were stepped on? I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I'm unsure if it's too much. The pancakes are also laced with blowfish poison so the party would have to get an antitoxin before they could eat the ones which weren't pulverized by shoes."

    I don't think anyone would want those pancakes even if you paid them to eat them.