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I suddenly love the idea of a unicorn character who is a multy class Paladin/Druid/Some-manner of Gish/Thurgue of the two that's a new 5e thing hanging with the group described in the last post I quoted, only to have them discover later down the road (Pun NOT intended.), that she's her people's princess!
I was - for once - not even thinking of MLP! I was thinking more along the lines of something in my own campaign world, that I did well before MLP showed on the horizon, where I've chucked the 3.5 bestiary out of the window and re-imagined stuff from mythological sources; there, unicorns were a step up even from D&D unicorns, being basically Shire-horse-shaped paladins with a +3 magic longsword duct taped to thier skulls...! (About as opposite from "little" unicorn ponies as you could get!)

One of the PCs in one of the parties I run is one of those unicorns (a dragon shaman, as it happens), with a ring of jumping. When she uses leap attack, with her jump skill (all those movement-related bonuses), she makes like, 50-60' or something daft and the enemy tends to not so much die, as splash...!