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That's really great! I'm especially glad your aunt is so supportive. I remember from a few threads ago that you have really pretty hair, so I'm sure it'll look even more beautiful (and jealousy inducing ) once you're done. The poor shop clerk must have been confused, I'm sure he'll pick correctly next time.

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Now officially under two weeks until I'm married. Got our handfasting cords put together, our rings, sort of on track with my vows, and managed to rejigger things so we can eat inside and save $700 and not have to get a gigantic tent to eat under. Weddings are stressful. We're both wondering what drove us to have one, and then we remembered. Family. And cake. Mostly cake.
*Hugs* Congrats~ :D

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Cake is the only real reason to do anything.

Seriously. Name one thing not made better by cake.
Industrial machinery.

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Good news. My roommate finally got confirmation that his parents.. AREN'T SLEEPING OVER! YAY!

I get cuddles tonight. c:
Yay~ :3

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Hot darn! That's totally cool. I didn't know your aunt was in on the gig?
I don't think she knows about my gender (or sexuality), but she's cool about the hair and nails~

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Second of all, I've been having an... interesting couple of weeks. In a good way. Very good way. I now have a cuddlebuddy, who is wonderful and amazing and always makes sure I'm comfortable and is just the best. Apparently I'm adorable and rather attractive, which are not things I would ever have ascribed to myself of my own accord. But she thinks so, which is what matters. Lots of cuddles and kisses are being had, and they are great.
I hope that doesn't sounds gloating, and apologise deeply if it does.
^_^ *Hugs~*

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On a different topic:

Who got the butt?

Brak got the butt!

also, me the most femme I've ever been:


Shoes aren't the greatest (they're growing on me as my first girl shoes though, lol), but they were only a tenner and confirmed that I am, in fact, a size 10 - I was looking through the kmart for something I could buy cheaply to test out when someone asked if I needed help finding anything. I replied that I knew the style "but just eneded to find it in my size..."
Cue awkward pause and them thnakfully assuming it was just a slip of the tongue on my part
(well it was technically)

Was going to do some more shopping today but I saw someone in the store who I'm not out to so made a quick strategic withdrawl before they saw me.

So yeah, shaved my legs for the first time today - took an hour and a half O_o but I did manag to avoid slicing off anything too important though
Did it whilst my ipod was on shuffle - first song that came on was Time Warp, second was YMCA, third was Vogue (fourth was Sound of Eight Hooves, though). After the struggle to reach the backs of my thighs I finally understand why so many women do yoga. Feeling very positive after a somewhat average couple of weeks of bad dysphoria and general blerg about life.

I totally forgot about that show.

Also, those pants look awesome on you and that makes me jealous. X3

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I'm pretty damn inflexible (at tae kwon do last week at the first session, some people came in skinny jeans and were still more flexible than I was) and if I need to I can reach the backs of my legs fine. Sitting down. If I were trying to shave my legs in a shower I'd be basically screwed due to near-blindness and inflexibility. Good thing I don't shave my legs.
It's a lot easier to lay back on the couch and bring your knees up to your chest - you can reach from the front, you can see, the skin's more stretched... Only real issue's how indescribably awkward it'd be if someone walked in on you.