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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    Zimelda laughs haughtily as Alessa and Mertes slaughter several kobolds in the span of a few seconds. Purple energy flickers and coalesces around her left hand, while her right hand rests her mace on her shoulder. The tingling and burning of her seared flesh melts away, her flesh healing through divine aid. "Even with armor and magic... a small lizard is still naught more than a frail, insolent thing."

    "Observe!" she barks, before zig-zagging around Arjhan and going to join Alessa with the Kobold Dragonshield. She grips her mace with both hands, and with a demented grin, smashes the weapon down right atop the creature's skull.


    Swift action: Healing Word. Surge+(1d6+3)[4] HP regained.
    Movement: K0 ---> K4
    Standard: Priest's Shield on Dragonshield 1

    Attack: (1d20+8)[9]
    Damage: (1d8+4)[7]

    If Hit, Zimelda and Alessa gain +1 AC.

    Oh come on!

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