Hello everyone! I was hoping to get some feedback on a vague story idea I had a while back. I was reading some articles about English mythology, (King Arthur, Merlin, etc.) and came across an old Welsh king called Brān the Blessed. An idea popped into my head, and I thought "Wow, that might actually be worth telling." Please note that this synopsis is NOT a complete story and is in fact just the notes I took at the time, with added punctuation. Also, a knowledge of British lore (or Wikipedia) might be needed to fully understand this.
Brān the Blessed, a great and loud English king of Wales, often associated with Ravens, perished while saving his sister from her Irish kidnappers. With his last breath, he commanded his warriors to cut off his head, which, miraculously, continued to talk. Many believe this was due to his fabled Cauldron of Revival, which could return a man to life. He commanded his head to be placed on a great hill, on the site which would later become the Tower of London, and for centuries it warded off French invasion. The head also drew a murder of ravens to roost in the area. Many long years later, in the age of Camelot, the legendary King Arthur- in a fit of arrogance- dug up and cast away Brān's head, declaring himself to be all the protection England needed. However, Brān's son, Gwern, saved his head and restored him to life, albeit a life as a lifeless, mute cripple. This was terrible for him, as he was once a mighty and boisterous man. He was tasked with guarding the Holy Grail in the mystic castle of Corbenic, kept alive by its holy powers, awaiting the great knight that would restore him. He became The Wounded King of legend, assisted by his son Gwern, the Fisher King. Healed by Percival, he relinquishes the Grail, but must rest for many years before he can be of any help to anyone. Arthur is defeated by his son Mordred, and without Brān or Arthur, England falls to the Normans. Thankfully, the magical London Stone, placed by Brutus of Italy (the son of Aneas, the founder of Rome, not Brutus from Julius Caesar) prevents total annihilation, instead leading to a blending of cultures. Brān rests for many years, and eventually takes up residence in the Tower of London, imbuing it and it's ravens with his power to keep England safe. Brān remained at the Tower for many years, serving under a number of aliases as a yeoman warder and occasionally as Ravenmaster. This is why King Arthur did not rise again during the Battle of Britain- he was not needed. After World War II, he felt that England was safe and did not need his constant vigilance. He took up his original name and began to follow his earliest dream: acting. He is protecting Britain to this day.
Whaddaya think?